Thando Cosmetics

Thando Khumalo. The Soweto man from Zola North. Began his entrepreneurship selling cakes at school in the train station and bus when he travelled to school.

After matric he went in and out companies like Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Medal paints. He waitered at UNISA, Goldreef City and developed the skill of servitude. He wasn't fulfilled and wanted total freedom.

One day in 2015 during a dream when he was jobless and hungry. He dreamed of beautiful women passing him and he asked a question. If I don't work how will I maintain any girlfriend or child of mine. In the morning this question haunted him and hunch came to him as he kept analyzing this dream. He sat at the park and saw again women from Soweto passing by with lipstick and flicked brows and that's where he decided to venture into selling cosmetics.

He vowed to never be broke again or ask for handouts from companies that paid less then his worth, he vowed to employ unemployed people who have given up looking for jobs. Since from selling waxy unsticking lipstick, thando cosmetics has evolved to selling the best products in demand and his passion is now no more a dream but a ever evolving reality..

Knocking on doors of peoples homes and business places the business grew. Thando understands that the business is nothing without his community. And is fully dedicated to cater their every need!

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