This is a blog site where you can read different kinds of stories about love, life, failure, success, inspiration and alike.. Some of the stories are fictional and some happened in real life. You will most likely see titles from songs or lines from songs, the characters do have their own personality based on my choice of writing and all of them are connected with each other. You will better understand if you start reading from the first story up to present. They are written in different parts of chapters but they sure are connected with each other. It only means that all the characters are linked with each other.

I really wanted to write stories and publish my own book when I was young.. I have been a love guru for a long time and I realized that I can write stories and give advices to people who are experiencing the same story using this blog site..

I also use photos of some people who are not really paid photographers but can take good photos.. I want others to see how good they are in photography.

Fame is not my main goal.. Most of my friends know who I am, and I remain anonymous to others, for I only want to CREATE.. SHARE.. and INSPIRE people..

Thank you for dropping by my page, for following, for liking and for leaving comments.. They mean a lot to me!

- TheAnonymousWriter'sNotebook-