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Atul from the Garden City and Silicon Valley of India : Bangalore. A happy eCommerce and Real estate entrepreneur interacting with an extremely diverse set of people across countries like India, USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, middle east and sveral African nations.

Writing is not new to me but blogging is. So, my topics might change over time. Apart from my day-to-day interesting interactions and experiences, you will find me blogging about leadership, happiness, transformation, entrepreneurship, going global, financial freedom, helping others, current affairs and maybe personal stuff at times. This is just the beginning of a new journey and I’m really not sure where it might take me. I hope to deliver value to people and help them to become a greater person who is willing to discover the best from within and help the society in many ways.

I have closely worked on professional, business and personal level with people of various parts of the world, I’ve learnt a lot. My current profile is helping people grow professionally and personally. Conducting sessions on leadership, motivation, commitment and passion etc is an integral part of what I do and that’s what has made me successful in life. I am fond of taking sessions, reading and writing and I’ve often received feedback that I should start writing professionally. Hence, the blog. My purpose is to gather my thoughts together and share my knowledge on “My Interactions with People” as I believe it can make difference to lives of people around me and thanks to these platforms, even to people globally.

I would love to connect with like minded people through my blog and also to people who can benefit from the same. This is an unchartered territory for me but one day I would like to be a hands-on expert in this subject. Maybe write book(s). Yes, That’s my next big dream and with due support from my friends and global family, I’m sure I would be of help in making the world a better place to live. I would love to introduce people to their extra-ordinary self.

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