Leanne Libas is a young autistic teenager who currently goes to college full-time, does volunteer work, and part-time work. Her first exposure with disability advocacy was through her own experience as a student-delegate for California Youth Leadership Forum for Students with Disabilities (CA YLF) in Sacramento, California. She immediately started her advocacy work by creating a club during her senior year in high school. Before high school graduation, she was interviewed by her local newspaper about her challenges about being autistic and a student. Debra Muzikar, one of co-founders of the Art of Autism, discovered Leanne's article and immediately contacted her in the prospects of doing a blog. Leanne wrote her first blog on the Art of Autism called "Breaking Out: My Autism Story." It garnered over 11,000 likes on social media and it caught the attention of Amy Poehler's Smart Girls. It became one of the most popular blogs on the Art of Autism. Currently, she is a writer for the Art of Autism and has started volunteering concurrently with YO! Disabled and Proud and her local independent living center. When she's not busy advocating, working, or finishing up homework, she is doing one of the following: sleeping, eating, watching YouTube videos, or doing absolutely nothing.