When I was 16, I had the amazing good fortune to spend a July "working" on a vineyard in Arsac in the Haut-Medoc of Bordeaux: One sip and I was sold. I was going to pursue a career in wine, and I did. I had so many amazing experiences working as a marketing and communications professional with winemakers, vineyard owners and wineries in France, California and the US, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. I stepped away for a time while my family was young, but never lost my passion for connecting people with wines they not only love but feel are a great value, no matter their budget. That's the mission for The Bevande: to help you to "Drink Up" and elevate your drink of choice. I'll interview winemakers, chefs and others and share their insights on what's great to have in your glass now, whether you want wine, beer, spirits or mocktails. Lots of recipes, too.