My Dream is about sharing my years of knowledge of Mindless Experiences Good, Bad, Ugly and Darm right Mind-blowing.

I would love to Empower women that are "wanting to grow and let go of the past" by taking them through a Journey of understanding how to let go of past experiences which is apparent because if you don't allow that then you cannot grow to be the Beautiful women you can.

What is this group about - It's about Living a life that is full of Love, loving yourself and others with complete openness and honesty and Laughing like you have never laughed like anything on this earth.

3 wishes is a wonderful, beautiful way of living your life, however, it is hard for some that battle mental illness, anxiety, suicide, despair and drug addiction, even some with constant pain due to accidents and so many other life-changing experiences.

We all have 3 common factors and that is a “past a present and a future”, nothing else apart from those three things why? Because everyone on this Earth is unique and everyone on this earth can never say I have walked in your shoes exactly like you did.
We can try and think we can say that we have but we haven’t and each case that is presented is and should be just that… UNIQUE!

So, my belief is this let us become the best we can and live, love and laugh knowing that we have people that care about us and want us to live our lives to the best of what we can become.

Time to Live don't you think???

Candii xxx
Peace out!

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