SE Asia

Kristen and Billy sprang from the loins of 4 heroic ancestors. They roamed the Earth separately for an Age, playing the zither, predicting earthquakes, calling bingo games, eating sponge cakes, and watching old movies on tv.

They were schooled by the Dominicans and the Christian Bros, what taught them their letters and scribbling skills. So, rudely equipped, and with a missal full of hymns in their hearts they stepped forth into the world.

Kristen and Billy tried to keep the hippy flame alive as they strove and stumbled through work, like Kane from Kung-Fu crossed with Pollyanna, finding both good and evil in the hearts of men, ( but mainly good). They filled out time sheets and instead of villains punched the clock over and over again.

Finally, the dark clouds parted, the sun shone through, they met each other, stopped punching and started living. Now they are two wide eyed, clickety hipped, post career dislocated hippies looking to get lost in a big wide world.

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