The Eco-Conscious Consumer

In December 2017, I made a resolution for the New Year to reduce my environmental impact and blog about it to keep myself accountable. Since January 2018 I’ve made over 60 changes to reduce my impact and spent around 300 hours researching and writing on the subject. I continue to use this blog to motivate myself to explore new areas of sustainable living, and help others do the same.

Environmental conservation is important to me because it’s the air we breathe and the water we drink. It’s the soil we harvest food from to nourish our bodies. In spite of the world’s natural abundance, humanity has succeeded in making these resources scarce. I studied economics in undergrad, so I tend to understand and analyze these things through a economic lens. Hence the name Eco-Conscious Consumer. I started this journey with the resolve that our consumer choices can make a difference. As I get deeper into this journey, I spend more time reading about horticultural methods and renewable energy.