Goin' the extra...aaamile

Margao - Goa

What about ME? There's nothing special about this blogger "What you see is What you get". Writing has always come naturally to me. Blogging was only waiting to happen..and it finally did. I am a very passionate BLOGGER. I do not write to impress (never have..never will) however I do write to EXPRESS.
My name is Savio and I am from GOA. A lover of the simple things of life. A good friend, a law abiding citizen...and someone who lives for the day, not looking too far ahead into the future.
It can't get simpler than that...now can it?
I am no competition to anyone because I only compete with myself on a daily basis, to be better than what I was yesterday.
If you like what you read and want to know more..you are welcome to my very own small virtual world I call 'Goin..the extra..aaamile'.

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