Lord of The Times

I was born Sonya are in New Orleans, born to and African American born in the pre-civil rights era of Jim Crow in Dallas Texas. Her husband, Steve Williams, also an African-American, it was a musician who was a transplant from New York. It would be 22 years later that I would find out my father and my mother‘s husband we’re not the same. Brian Lord, known in the 60s as a San Bernardino, California disc jockey at KMEN.

My story is an interesting one, a complex one, a traumatic one. Lost in the decision of my identity, what is my identity. I don’t know that my mother fully understood what her affair would cost her daughter, but I do know she was aware it would cost me something. She didn’t go to great links to cover up the fact I was at Steve’s daughter, but she did go to great lengths to avoid the discussions that would admit have been difficult, but would it produced truth, and eventually validity for a child rejected at birth.

I hope to uncover every detail available to me about my father, whom I grew to know and love. When I say no, I mean no in the sense of he was very open about who he was. But to be honest how much can you know someone who when you first meet him lives in Canada, then shortly there after moves to Hong Kong, before retiring to the Philippines where he would later die on January 19, 2012. His death was a particularly painful event for me considering the several months prior he had spent trying to reach me. Angry for reasons that no longer bear validity or I have excuse, I had stop speaking to my dad. We’ll talk about that later.

I’m going to be going through as many emails as I have left from my father. Summer lost as email boxes were left unattended for years, and storage had to reach the limitations. Got a hate that auto dumping that goes on. But I do have very meaningful emails from my father that go into depth about his parents and grandparents, but even greater is the Family tree that was maintained by my cousin I would later come to know a little bit, Doug Lord. The family tree goes back to the 1500s, and as far as I know, I am the first African-American on that family tree.