とうふ Tofu

Welcome to my chapters of exploring Japan (and a few extra other places)

I’m a little bit of a hermit crab but I love coming out of my shell to go somewhere far far away. Just me, my suitcase, and camera. Japan has always been my favourite travel destination so I have made it a priority to visit 1-2 times a year. Every town, every city, all has its uniqueness and beauty to explore, especially the food!! Bring on the ramen, sushi, shabu-shabu, wagyu beef and many more….the culture too, offers so much oh-mi-god and wow moments in my life, every shrine, castle, garden, has its own background story, every prefecture is worth visiting as they all carry culture and history that I want to dive right far my heart belongs to Hokkaido and that hasn’t changed at all, I want to explore more of what’s there! A few of my hobbies outside of travelling are, watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. I do however, have a minor obsession over glasses. My dreams and aspirations? I guess, those battleships and little rowing boats have set sailed a long time ago and I never really achieved reaching any shores. But, for now, all I can think about is getting on that airplane and checking into a hotel, wake up the next morning and start a brand new adventure with mini tasks for myself to fulfil...everyday!! Which will become the highlight of the day, and fill me with great fond memories and discoveries if any. Usually I enjoy walking to and from new places, because I believe I will see so much more beautiful little things on foot than any other way.