The Frozen Mind

I am originally from the mountains of North Carolina but I now live in the beautiful Low Country of South Carolina. I am married to my best friend and I have 2 grown girls, 2 stepsons and 6 step-grandchildren.

I love going to church, blogging at The Frozen Mind, quilting, spending time with family, watching the grandkids play ball (softball, football & baseball) and singing.

I had my first migraine in my early 20’s. After I had my oldest daughter, the symptoms started including numbness of my right arm and right facial drooping. Every doctor I went to said it was a migraine caused by stress and really did nothing to help me. It was easy to stop trying to get answers because I only had them 2-3 times a year.

That all changed in April 2016 when I started having them weekly and soon thereafter began having them daily. I was admitted to the hospital where a neurologist told me, “it is just a migraine, get over it.”

After that experience, my husband basically had to force me to seek out medical care. We went through every neurologist in my local area and no one took it seriously. Then I decided to request an appointment at The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. I was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraine on my first visit! I now have a doctor that fights for me and is worth every mile of the 6 hour round trip to see him!

I decided to share my story to promote self advocacy, education and support for fellow migraineurs and people with other chronic illnesses and The Frozen Mind was born!