The Godly Chic Diaries

Hi guys, Welcome to my blog!😄 My name is June and I'm a 19 year old student, currently persuing a career in law. My hope is that whenever you visit my blog, you will feel at home. My blog will be a reflection of myself were I share my personal insights and favourite scriptures. The one thing I suppose that sparks my love for fashion and inspiring others, is what it ultimately seeks to do,that is, make life more beautiful. When my head is not buried in books, you will find me baking, playing the piano and hovering over beauty and makeup magazines. My love for the Lord and knowledge of the word uniquely equips me to help other young adults,like myself, discover the pathway to God's promises. This blog will be a reflection of myself were i will be sharing my personal insights on fashion, books, hair and beauty, and my favourite bible scriptures. This will help you to energize, encourage and refresh yourself😄 Blessings🌸