Hi there ...
I have always wanted to travel!!! After all we 've got one life right ? and I wanna spend it knowing the world. And what is the better way to know the people than to travel ! While doing that, I came to know myself much more than I thought I knew about who I am. I am a dreamer !!! a singer… a painter,,,, a cook… a foodie… a friend… a shopaholic ..a traveler.. That’s who I am.
...So I started writing about it. I also wanna go to a bunch places in my journey's ahead. I am gonna plan them and ask your advice as well here. ;) So come and join my travel boutique..
And after 5 years of travel photography and travel-writing and reading many of the related blogs,I believe I can offer an unique thing here, I can photograph any place to their best. After travelling 23 countries in 5 years, I realised, any place whatever small or insignificant they look like, they always have something to offer. Here I have described several places like that taking out the best of 'em. So, enjoy :) .
If you want to buy any photo with actual dimensions, contact me :

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