Doctor Fancy Pants

The short version: "I write stories and work out a lot. Marine biologist by training. She/her/Dr."

The long version:

Kate blogs on just about anything she gets interested in, and when she gets interested in things, it's an intense and overwhelming experience! She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 36, three years after handing in the thesis and discovering that a sudden lack of routine meant that her "absent minded scientist" persona went into overdrive.

This diagnosis turned out not to be a surprise to anyone who had spoken to her for more than three minutes (hindsight, eh?).

The autism diagnosis was a bit sneakier.

So Kate blogs a lot on neurodivergence, but she has also had a long and strange medical journey, resulting in a diagnosis of Crohn's disease (now in remission: YAAAY!), visceral hyperalgesia (which is when your intestines hurt for no good reason) and hypermobility syndrome (aka hypermobile type Ehler's Danlos).

She blogs on the management of chronic pain, on mental health, and on the challenges of working out so that her muscles can support her bendy joints.

She also blogs on politics, feminism, various scattered opinions, how nice it is to sleep on boats, why she likes airplanes, and yeah, look, whatever turns up is fair game.

Kate is an Australian marine biologist based out of Melbourne, with a PhD in genetics. Mostly she works on taxonomy and molecular ecology of feather stars and brittle stars, identifying and describing the myriad sneaky species that pop up as soon as she looks at the DNA. She lives in a rainforest with a rottweiler called Amos, a ragdoll cat (Ollivander) and a monstrously affection tabby moggy named Ridcully.

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What a fabulous avatar you have!

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