Awaiting my introduction, the bits confined - programmed all to within my self-deception, be given a choice for all the life to be its voice. To no rule decided, the pace at which we learn, all is equal to before turn free as well as sure.

Then before I realized what all of it must mean, I found in all the angles, myself was to be seen. Relinquished to the suction of every learnt conception, every bit combined in wit from destiny was clamming, unto whole engaged by soul that living is the goal.

If I was the triple goddess, I would execute myself upon facing myself, in order to innate that face us all. This is impossible - so instead I rest my case in between every phase the moon to call; call it love to lable uniquely for all of it in my heart.

Then as I let go, I let God; to have anyone shine in between as I make my way through the spinoff of the impossible. It is the spinoffsible. By it, in the heart of the shining one, I am the triple goddess too. Who I really always am, no-one ever knew.

I have said it before and to this point, I say it again: I just am. It - although mysterious is blessed ground. Its threads forever consecrated are all in the Light of God. Finished now, with all in all, I have made it binoffsibel.

Fine tuning coincidence for care, I invented Essens. It is the matrix of grid to the Holy Trinity; holding quantum, Essens and magic interchangeably. The grid is the substance of Essens - constituent primal of essence;

Every phenomenon is a dimensionality to it. Each phenomena has three fundamental manifestations of that. The third dimensional phenomena in order of nine such natures; matter, has namely its three generations.

Each manifestation is in turn a phenomenon in itself. Every third phenomena to the grid, concludes an essence. Every element of it is potential, labeled in its informational isolation as quantity. For it to be so notwithstanding the reality of its manifestations is the function all-in-all; of the matrix.

Find philosophy, religion and a meekly instigated science derived to it on my web site. In their balance, magic will commence - because quanta pertains to Essens in the enmeshment of the grid by eutrophy. I am happy to answer any questions keen to it on my Twitter.

The Goddess of Divinity

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