B Physical Education (Shifting to BA film)

Hunger Games, i just like how exciting and intense it is especially the first book!

I have 3 favorite films:

1. First they killed my father, the storyline and the direction of the film is so heavy.

2. LION (2016), the acting was so good!! I cried the whole time while watching it and great cinematography also.

3. Silence of the Lambs, the cinematography was great my favorite scenes is when the camera focuses on hannibalectors face and how manipulative it is.

Takashi “Tak” Fujimoto, i like how his films tell the story through creative shots it makes me feel alive and be in the moment while watching his films.

Favorite band/singer: HONNE, Aquilo, Kodaline, Adele, James Arthur, their songs are so deep to the level i relate to it and it makes me calm.

Instagram, i love to post photos and stories of what i do everyday and share my experiences with everyone.

Favorite meal: SPIRAL BUFFET and everything with curry on it

Hobbies: I’ve been playing Judo for almost 10years already, i love to sing, collect clothes and watch random youtube videos.