Aral Bereux is a freelance reporter/editor, ghost writer and photographer. She has written on the topics of AI, genetics and genetic ethics, climate change, geo-politics, banking and finance, conspiracy, religion, philosophy, 18th - 20th century history and global crisis’ such as terrorism. Her writing has appeared in various online publications including Zero Hedge, AnonHQ,, Blacklisted News, Realities, The, Breaking News and more.

Her first book documented RFID chips, a drone police state, one world state, and the struggle for freedom amidst martial law. Written in 2012, but conceived in the early 90s, the Chronicles have been accused of capturing the true brutality of what it is to be human in a time of crisis.

As a self-trained and university educated journalist and editor, she's interviewed mining companies; policy experts; established environmentalists and activists, such as Marc Cheng; lead biohackers; the Anonymous Collective; authors, and more.

Aral Bereux's passion lies within the Dystopian genre and the world as it relates, with a strong focus on censorship, surveillance, and the need for critical thinking.

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