Hi friends!

I write about the little things in my life: (1) the mundane details, (2) the easily looked-over elements, (3) the mental conversations that went perfect (4) the actual conversations that went screwed (5) the mini-successes (6) the milestones (7) the curated wardrobe (8) the continued de-cluttering journey (9) the miracles and (10) the classic mishaps of one ordinary girl who fancies herself a writer.

I am currently documenting the biggest transition in my life and I hope I am able to do a great job at that. And as far as my writing goes, I try to be more curated with my collection (my apologies for the incessant rants I've had the opportunity to binge over the first year of this blog)

I love bottling ordinary life experiences in imperfectly written paragraphs, highlighting my personal reflections and stale humor in most of my posts. :)

Thank you very much for reading!