the messy mama

I'm Messy Mama. I thought it about time that I updated this bio!

My children still fascinate me, and still keep me grounded through the chaos of life. We currently live on a tiny 1 acre smallholding in the central Danish countryside, which allows us to run and climb and jump and BREATHE. We’ve called our home Fredlundhus because it is our peaceful woodland home.

The "messy" part refers not just to the state of our house, but to probably one of the biggest things that becoming a parent has taught me: how to deliberately not be "in control". By this I don't mean that things are just out of control in our house and lives - far from it! I believe children were born with instincts for a reason, and my learning to trust those instincts has been an amazing journey.

Life can be messy, it doesn't play by our rules. It's how we roll with it that makes a difference.

My husband says life is like riding a mountain bike through the hills. Sometimes it's a hard upward slog, sometimes there are plateaus to enjoy. There are valleys and there are high places, there are hills, rivers, lakes, trees - beauty everywhere you look. Sometimes the sun is there, sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes it's raining. Sometimes it's hot. Cold. And there are downhill times where if you have confidence enough you can ride down at breakneck speed for an exhilarating rush!

Join us on this adventure into a happily messy place!


(I think I’ll keep this older bio update. It makes me smile.)
I've got three children now, two boys and a wee girl. They fascinate me. Bean is seven and a half years old and is learning how to look after babies, while he's not fighting intergalactic battles or building with lego. Bear is four and a bit years old and has a way of talking that easily captivates you with its cadence, and yet unless you understand Bear-Language you'll have little idea of what you've been told. At which point he'll sigh, and say "Me show you. Come with me." Our Nutgirl was born a few days into the New Year and is an eating, sleeping and pooping machine. A very cute one, who is just learning to smile, but... yeah.

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