Theodore Kapanjie

Manchester Missouri

He became an exceptional people manager during his time at St. Louis Skin Solutions. He spends a lot of time putting his medical knowledge to work for St. Louis Skin Solutions and its clients, but he also oversees the staff. It is his responsibility to ensure that he places his employees and colleagues in positions to maximize their strengths for the clinic's and patients' benefit. His time at St. Louis Skin Solutions has given him the opportunity to develop skills that will help him succeed as a family physician.

Theodore Kapanjie, DO, has used his aesthetic medicine skills to help patients look and feel their best during his time at St. Louis Skin Solutions. When people walk out of St. Louis Skin Solutions, they have a lot more self-confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally, Theodore Kapanjie, DO has assisted St. Louis Skin Solutions in staying current with the latest research in the field, ensuring that they are always advocating for the patient's best interests. The positive feedback St. Louis Skin Solutions receives reflects this commitment to always putting the needs of the patient first.