Randi Saunders

Washington, DC

Randi Saunders is the main writer and founder of The Radical Idea. A recent graduate of American University, Randi holds bachelor's degrees in international development and sociology, focusing on the intersections of identity and health. She has been a National Day of Silence district coordinator and a passionate advocate for women's and LGBTQ issues; she has also worked with organizations dealing with gender issues, including but not limited to the Moraa New Hope Foundation and Carolina for Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, and Feminist Majority Foundation. She has previously served as a rape crisis-counselor in Washington, DC, as well as the founding co-chair of the American Parliamentary Debate Association Women's Initiative. Over the last three years she has conducted research addressing gender, race, and HIV risk, as well as women's health decision-making. In her post-college life, Randi lives and works as a domestic violence advocate in Washington, DC. You can learn more about Randi, her research, and the Radical Idea by emailing RadicalButLogical@gmail.com or following this blog on Twitter @TheRadicalIdea

*Anything posted on the Radical Idea is solely Randi's own view, and does not represent the views of any of the organizations she has previously worked with or is presently affiliated with.

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