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A child from the generation of Super Moms, who tried to make me into the perfect child among four. From the middle to the oldest and youngest I sat amused at their wit, charm, and felt blessed to be with them. However presenting this topic, my hobby, of collecting symbols and figures...advanced me to the back...of the pack. Bible Symbols like 7 eyed 7 horned lamb, come with technical difficulties from ancient times. My own stamp of approval could not be placed on where I came from. It is a challenge, delight and positively radiant thing, to study how The Prophet came to earth, returned to Heaven, then settled in with John on the Island of Patmos in 95 A. D. to set a maze of symbols that all move together like a fine German watch. I wish to share my hobby, invite critiques and more study. I wish to thank the dead poets of the old, artists who tried to behold, the funny creatures we are told, that will finish the work of perfecting our image of a man from Galilee. Bless you!
Yes, I craved to know more about God, after going to school in Denver Junior Academy and helping to build a mini wilderness sanctuary in 8th grade with our religious teacher. Mom and Dad wanted to be able to afford each of us to have a college education because neither of them graduated from High School. But their example, courage, and resolution that we should achieve what they did not was compulsory and our funds would be cut off if we did not continue our education. Since I was the eldest girl I was to set the pattern for my young two sisters. I claim Mother loved me most because she gave me the most counsel. My father's position at the Denver Post as Pressroom Foreman, put Mother in the limelight, as she volunteered with radio stations, school clinics, and the DAR, Denver Musem, Docent, and badges and muskets lined her jackets with pride. She was late to her funeral, as the ashes were sent but not found until later the turquoise urn arrived and we all smiled. If ever we had someone to look up was the mild manager of the pressmen whose nickname was Moolie. We were to be the son and daughters of a man who loaded his pocket with pencils on Monday and said, "I"m expecting a busy day at work." When Manford "layed out" the ads for the week, the color pages, had to be placed in the right order for the press's to print the three layers of color, red, yellow, and blue. His life was well ordered he was the Captain of our SHIP and He had Dorthy's permission to say so. As Mom acquired her metal and badges, after his death, she continued dancing as a way to keep fit. She ran off to get married in Reno at the age of 84 and died at 97 and as we sat in bed and she told me of her dream: She said, "I saw four men building a building. One had a jacket of red. ( I knew this to be Jesus) The building had four boards that were dark wood. From the chair where she sat, with other old ladies watching the scene, she thought, "They need more light." But she was afraid to speak up. I asked her if they would put in chandeliers if that would help? But she laughed. The corners needed "light" So I began to ask if we could put shells there like a big shell? Mom considered the idea, but perhaps "little shells" would help. Mother got up her courage to say, "YOU NEED MORE LIGHT!" And the little lady sitting next to her said, "YES IS RIGHT...YOU NEED MORE LIGHT." The remnant church is to have THE GIFT OF PROPHECY...but what if....that gift is just understanding the riddles and parables of Jesus, that He wrote, for us in these very last days?
I keep asking questions because I want the WORLD TO ASK THEM TOO...CAN JESUS RAISE THESE DRY BONES? Was Jesus the man/GOD who could produce THE LIGHT, because the PRINCE became a PAUPER and dwelt among us? I EXPECT GOD TO KEEP HIS PROMISE and bring the HIGH PRIEST alive, to see the "man" he crucified. I expect the Jews to know when the coffin or ossuary is broke open in the Israeli Museum, that JESUS IS THEIR MESSIAH and GOD would not permit HIS SON, to die again..but to remind the JEWS like Abraham....we are saved by grace...THE RAM had to die, but JUST ONCE to make you and I NOT GOD...NOT WORTHY to tie the shoes of the "son of man" the SON OF MARY, the SON OF GOD, by just a "Y CHROMOSOME", added to the genes of Mary. You can test the DNA of a Pharaoh, but you cannot test the dried blood that fell on the right side of the MERCY SEAT, when Jesus died, and the earthquake took the blood and water, down the crack, to fall on the MERCY SEAT, apart from the place where the High Priests put the blood of the bulls on the other side. THE SECRET IN THE ARK OF THE COVENANT MADE BETWEEN GOD THE SLAVES FREED FROM PHARAOHS the MYSTERY OF THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD WRITTEN ON TWO TABLETS...of HOW TO HONOR THE CREATOR GOD, who began his work on the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK and ended it at "sundown" on Friday night, the beginning of "The SABBATH" the evening of REST, WORRY and COMFORT to all who "see" THE LIGHT coming our way, NOT TO DESTROY, but to convey the TRUTH, that GOD LIVES AND GIVES US ETERNAL LIFE and all who call upon HIS NAME in the LAST DAYS...can say, "I am saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ is MY MESSIAH TOO"
There is no difference between Jew and Gentiles we are all adopted into the VINE, that weak kind of wood, that needs to be HELD those who realize I WALKED WHERE JESUS WALKED and OLD JERUSALEM, a city of polished "rocks" on every step, up and down the Old City, reminds us of what is written. Deu_32:31  For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges.
Deu_32:37  And he shall say, Where are their gods, their rock in whom they trusted,"
As the kings of the south march around their black rock and worship the "little rocks" within the large Mecca gravesite of their prophet Mohammed be the "rock" we bow down too? I think like Paul and Silas I would rather be singing in jail, awaiting the angel who loosened their chains, and being with others who CLAIM...their salvation is in WHO THEY BOW DOWN TOO. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego...I CLAIM THE RIGHT TO STAND UP and be COUNTED WITH THOSE who would put my FAITH in GOD, and die in the fiery furnace, then bow down to the "image of man/woman" who forces me to decide my loyalty to GOD or man. When the police come to my door, I will hand them the antique gun we own, that came to us by the early death of my husbands' father, Abel Newton when Terry was about two years old. I have no guns in the house. My parents were personal friends of Desmond Doss the hero in the movie RAZORBACK RIDGE. His wife was pregnant and my Mom played THE STORK at her baby shower.
I am a conscientious objector to war, more now than ever. We have meet the Ordelheides from Germany and canceled a reunion we were to have there this year due to the pandemic. "We" Americans can trace our ancestry back to the old country and the beginning of the establishment of a bilateral congress that appears to keep our constitution in balance. This year the "HOUSE" debated hotly with the "SENATE" about the MOTIVES of the PRESIDENT.....and in this respect....MY MOM was GREAT at wanting to know "Why did you hit each other's table knife, rather than the clay?" Janet and I were trying to soften the hard clay on our little red table sitting on our little red chairs. The sound our knives were making, was sort of like music to our ears. . .but not to mothers' ears. She wanted to know our MOTIVES. She wanted to know how we came to damage her silverware. And we became quite good, rather Janet became even better for creating the right MOTIVES, as we like ducks, paraded behind Mother when she shopped we "quacked like ducks" on the way to shop to pick out the "color" for our bridesmaids and wedding dresses. lol We came to have this "inside joke" about dealing with Mother. Before she died at 97 she said "Connie if you get to heaven before I do save me a chair. lol

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