Thesheme617 is the beginning of the journey, to explore around us and let our imagination lead us on a path without end ...
Focus to capture the moment through an image that takes us to a passage from a nature picture to a more urban universe. The accuracy of the happening - what we see and what we have created - explores the transformation of that image referring in to quiet moments, untapped, adventure and adrenaline. Where everything moves through our feelings and what we see at the moment.
Everything can begin to influence and inspire, connecting with different environments - nature and the surrounding media, the city and its organized chaos, operating information, places where we passed, people with whom we socialize.
Just close your eyes and you know where you want to be ... The exploration of the unknown through the spirit of adventure, adrenaline, following our instincts and bring some of that vision for the photography.

Credits: Image and text Cristina Real / Margarita Tomalya ( Thescheme617 )