Born to the slipped life, i write i paint i deconstruct - all works posted here are of my own creation unless otherwise specified, feel free to indulge in my writings, hell share it with anyone you like, just give credit where credit's due.

Live an inky existence!

I Am Borrowed:

I am my mother's confessional ears, the nose and tolerance of my father,the strength they both provide.
I am my neighbour's passivity, the laughter and comfort of my friends, the seek from which I hide.

I am indefinably defined, etched inside frames by the histories who stood there to learn the textbook I have been writ.
I am more than a certificate thirty one years young but
cannot forge the DNA to lie.

I am the inequality of my sex, the intelligence of average, the statistic of my population.
I am the eyes of innocence, the naivety of my former youth, the seed of some All's creation.

I am the despair of the lonely, spawned hatred of the persecuted, the fear of those who cry away.
I am the anger of my position, the fire of the blood boiled before me, the words they all want to say.

I am all things false and true,
the essence of me, the reflection of you