Santa Barbara, CA

Sales professional turned Webmaster, Internet Marketer and SEO. After a successful career in Sales spanning roughly 15 years, and enabling me to experience many different industries and approaches, inspiration struck me to launch an online business I had been contemplating for years.

With Zero experience in web design, or business operations beyond the limited scope of my experience as a salesman and trainer at the time, but armed with grit, determination, and a natural talent for sleuthing answers from YouTube and Google Search, a website builder package and a free trial from RingCentral - I embarked on a path that has changed my life and revitalized me.

I am happy to say, that I have been in the black since day one. Everything I have learned in the realm of online business, SEO, marketing and design I have learned from hands on, hard won experience. I must admit I learned a lot of what not to do in the beginning, but here I stand, ready to avail my clients of my empassioned skills for creating online success.

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