Gothenburg, Sweden // Brussels, Belgium

John Nixon, aka TheSupercargo (partly because "Supercargo" was already taken), is a 20-something Englishman trapped in the body of a 50-something Englishman. Not that there's a lot of difference perhaps. (And his mother still thinks of him as a rather irresponsible 12-year-old.)

Having lived for more of his life in Sweden than in Britain, he no longer feels entirely at home in either place, but anyway prefers to define himself as a human being rather than by other sorts of lables.

After many years in the teaching profession at various establishments and in various capacities, he took a year out to write his Novel. Ten years on, the Novel is still incomplete. He has, however, managed to start it several times and even get quite a long way through it. Alongside this he writes blog articles, essays and short stories.

He also takes a lot of photographs, sometimes plays word games and writes poetry.

He is a member of Egenutgivarna, a Swedish association of "independent authors" - that is, self-published and wannabe self-published writers. (He's one of the wannabes.)

He is married to a long-suffering wife who is occasionally identified in the Social Media as Mrs SC. She doesn't seem to mind.

For a less flippant description of TheSupercargo, the curious are directed to the profiles on his websites and on Linkedin. :)

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