1. Course: BA Communication Research

2. Favorite Book: Mockingjay by Suzan Collins. I was so inspired by the bravery of the novel's main character, Katniss Everdeen, in fulfilling her mission as the symbol of the revolution.

3. Favorite film: Imagine You and Me starring Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. I'm such a sucker for kilig movies!

4. Favorite Media Practitioner: Nas Daily! Nas is a simple guy who revolutionized journalism on social media by spreading positive stories and ideas from all around the world. When you watch him, it feels like he's really just your close friend despite his millions of views.

5. Favorite Songwriter: Taylor Swift will always be an inspiration to me! She gives her best performance in every video, every song, and every stage. Her lyrics and emotions really emanate from her heart.

6. Favorite Internet Site: This site really helped me to learn about God's Love and Mercy. Every day, I am excited to read my daily reflection and grow closer and closer to Jesus. This site really changed my life and led me to encounter the healing message of Christ.

7. Favorite Meal: White Christmas Salad. This salad from SaladStop really made me fall in love with eating veggies!!! Sadly, it's only offered every Christmas season. :(

8. Hobbies: Camping, sightseeing, traveling, and anything to do with nature and the Great Outdoors!!! I also love reading, writing, watching good movies, and having deep conversations about life!