Candid Kelly

Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

Gwen Stefani said it best, "I'm just a girl in the world".

My personality type from the ENFP 16 personalities test! is a campaigner. I root for the underdogs, want to advocate for others to do the same, and try to be a better global citizen myself. Us ‘Campaigners’ "tend to see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected – but unlike analysts we see it through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and are always looking for a deeper meaning." That’s a stereotype I can get behind.

I am studying an MA in Travel and Nature Writing, at Bath Spa University, so there will be tales of my wanderings and observations, but mostly just candid accounts of how I'm trying to make my fraction of time on the planet a fascinating experience in which I support my fellow man.