The Wanderlost Campaigner

Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

Wanderlost: This idea comes from the nickname my mum affectionately teases me with, Peter Pan. I really thrive on being able to explore.

I am rarely still. Partly because I don't feel like one place, one type of life, is a good fit for me; not because they aren’t good enough, but because I'm incessantly curious. I want to burst my bubble, not to be blinded by it.

As for the never growing up part, the lost girl bit, I guess I don't really want to if it means I have to stop frantically planning the next adventure!

Campaigner: My personality type from the ENFP 16 personalities test! I root for the underdogs, want to advocate for others to do the same, and try to be a better global citizen myself. Us ‘Campaigners’ "tend to see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected – but unlike analysts we see it through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and are always looking for a deeper meaning." That’s a stereotype I can get behind.

Keep an eye out for the placard I'll be painting next!