The Widow's Table

I am a retired preschool teacher whose present passions include writing, photography, and gourmet cooking. My home was New York State, both as city and country girl, for almost fifty years until semi-retirement in Miami, Florida, a move made to fulfill my husband of thirty-four years dream of an aerial photography business.
The last ten years were spent living aboard a 43’ sailboat (cruising and living aboard on and off for over thirty years) with my husband until his tragic passing almost two years ago. My experiences of first mate cruising aboard and living aboard are concisely revealed in my two published guides, “So You Think You Want to Sail: A Condensed Guide to Leisure and Extended Cruising,” and “ Living Aboard…A Condensed Guide for Moving from House to Hull.”
At present, I have found sharing time with family while residing on the soothing coastal shores of Maine and within the peaceful mountains of Colorado has been truly been a life saver for me. But, as the healing process has proved to be a long one, I hope that THE WIDOW'S TABLE will serve as the ideal platform for finding ways to strengthen oneself after losing a spouse…will provide ways to heal , new recipes for life, so to speak. It is also my hope that the communication and sense of comradery will help one to find the chef, the artist, or the writer, etc. that lies deep within and assures us that life can go on despite our grief.