my name is robert 38 with a wife and two children us, technical support to a company and not how much income to sustain my family so I am looking another way, perhaps even earn scarce for supplements expenses, I also know there is less to fix or mechanic of a vehicle light and heavy equipment and rewiding of motor and generator and not very pretty craft with skill, as a boy I really like organize and pull down at least some of used and new family skill, I have neighbors that also were close to us with either a shop that is electrical motor rewinding.
And on that day I thought to volluter as a helper for at least there I get to glimpse secret knowledge and technic of his activity, as if the rewind motors and general electrical wiring of the vehicle and how the settings of wires more RA looked clean. He teach me for how to troubleshooting and alignment of magnetic wires to fit into slot of stator motor. The man who served as my teacher has to invent what is what like the marine vehicles all hand on him, he then retired, the repair ship devices that operate within it almost all motor, new plant construction all the motor and more mining all my experience in being a one volunter. As a volunter super fun even super hard we work but many also experience especially if the mechanics how left the items and how such as piston engines, and the least of its bolts and how you saved for group members have not lost even for return as well. But I still not profitable stable because of difficulty finding money because maybe the type of country we even what to do there anyway and try if related blog on this web site, perhaps, something that many opportunities and also the searching but made me more blurry because I do not have enough pay to less profitable. But I just keep everything what happens I did try just for my family from my past and I might help others if I succeed.