Lisa's Life & Stuff

Who am I?

Good question, I am many things!

Mum, wife, friend, business woman, author, writer, Life Coach, mental health warrior, a survivor of trauma, and a ‘works in progress’.

I love to write. I have written poetry since I was old enough to pick up a pencil and not put it straight into my mouth! But it’s not until I reached the ripe ole age I am at now that I began to write about my ‘bonkers life’!

I have experienced and survived so much in life, and that was before I became a parent to 4 boys under the age of 3! Nuts right? That alone would probably be enough of a reason for the prematurely greying hair and wrinkles, but 3 of my gorgeous boys are on the Autistic Spectrum, one with the addition of ADHD. My fourth little lamb chop takes straight after his dear ole mother and has ADHD!

Wow!! It’s exhausting just reading about it...try living it!

Don’t get me wrong, tough as it was...and it really was, it was also wonderful! My boys have made my hubby and I better people. They have taught us so much about love, life, acceptance, tolerance and the strength of human spirit!

Good news! We all survived! My boys are all in their 20’s now...I know, I know, I don’t look old enough (she says, blushing slightly)...but you will have to take my word for that! (Thank god for filters!!!)

This blog is, as the title suggests, about ‘life and stuff’! Some sad bits, some happy. Some comic moments, some tragic. Some pearls of wisdom passed on from my ‘lived experience’, some nonsense. This is life after all, in all its wonderfully, tragic messiness. Because no matter what shit you are dealing with in this life, the bins have still gotta go out. Bills need paying and the world keeps on can read about all that stuff, right here.