What do you write in a bio?I have never written one as i don't like talking about myself. But since i love writing, i decided to follow everything this website offers like one worships i.e. blindly. So here i'm writing this bio. Let's start with factual information.
Priyanshi Sharma. 18 .Btech in CSE (1st year).Noida, India.
As i write these details, i realise that each one of you out there doesn't really care about the external parameters that bound a person but about the internal desires that set his heart free to express himself through the magic of words.
In that case, i'm one wild person with immense grit.
I chase perfection. I chase love.
Life never ceases to astonish me. There's so much to it, so much to explore, to lose yourself in. So many adjectives come to my mind to describe myself but they're reduced to one word that prohibits me from typing any - secretive.
~seize the moment ~