I love writing and have eleven published books in a mixture of non fiction and fiction. Genre range from memoirs , thrillers and romance stories spiced with scenes of erotic love making. I am now in the process of going through the manuscript of my new novel Unforgettable Cruise . Like my novel A Dangerous Love Affair it is a spicy romance story. I have just started to write a short thriller re terrorisim and a shdowy group tasked to dispose of terrorists before they can carry out acts of terrorisim. Apart from writing books, I also write poetry, with several finishing in the final four in competitions, and one made into a film. A number of my articles have been published in online magazines, with a full spread article published in EXpat Network magazine Nexas. I have had a variety of online interviews, and once took part in an online American radio show. A newspaper in my hometown in England published an article on me and my writing. I use my list of social contacts along with my website to promote my work. I am willing and look forward to taking part in any promotion events re my writing.

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