1. Course: BA Film

2. Favorite Book/Novel: Mythology by Edith Hamilton
- I enjoy reading about Greek and Roman mythology. These stories also inspire me in writing stories or narratives for my films.

3. Favorite Film: The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) dir. Wes Anderson
- This film is a roller coaster ride for me. It's both amusing and poignant. The film's narrative has themes of family and relationships which, in my opinion, were developed and told very well. The film's technical aspects are also commendable. There's always something new for me every time I watch it.

4. Favorite Media Practitioner: Babyruth Villarama
- She is a documentary filmmaker but she is also involved in producing films. She was my professor in one of my Film classes and I have also worked closely with her for some projects. I admire her passion for challenging the norms of the film industry particularly in the marketing and distribution aspect in favor of alternative, independently-produced, and non-mainstream films.

5. Favorite Music: 90s R&B
- I actually enjoy all kinds and genres of music but I particularly like listening to the likes of Blackstreet, Dr. Dre, Next, Notorious B.I.G., etc. whose songs were popularized in the 90s. These were the songs that I listened to when I was growing up because my sisters had tapes and CDs of these artists. I always feel nostalgic when listening to these.

6. Favorite Internet Site: iFlix, an on-demand video content streaming website similar to Netflix
- I get to watch various media content such as films and series which are both internationally and locally produced. This site also has a collection of Filipino films which I find helpful when trying to access local films.

7. Favorite Meal: Pan Fried Chicken
- Chicken has been my favorite since I was young. I've always felt satisfied when having chicken for any meal.

8. Hobbies: watching films and series