Tim Jeffers Photography

Odessa Florida

I am a photographer based in Odessa Florida located a little north of Tampa. Taking photographs has been important to me since I got my first camera at the age of 12. Over time, I have developed my skills and approach to photography.

I am rather eclectic in my photography enjoy all aspects, from conceptual, abstracts, portraits, self portraits, travel, street and anything that might catch my attention.

While I shoot mainly with Nikon digital cameras I also have a keen interest in analog photography whether its film or wet plate collodion process. I like using 50-75 year old cameras to create images.

I am also a big proponent of printing out the photographs that we create. There is something tangible about holding in my hands a photograph taken 100 years ago or looking through a 40 year family album. As I think about it, our photos are not real they are just electronic bits of data sitting on a hard drive or in the cloud somewhere. With constantly changing technology its imperative we have preserve our photographs for future generations.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site and my photography.

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