My name is Tat, I am a Certified Soul Teacher Practitioner and The Source Song, Movement and Dance Practitioner.
I have lived in New York City for many years.
New York City's energy, passion and diversity opened my heart and soul to their fullest, and inspired me in every way.
Along the journey, I have been blessed to realize my true soul calling and my highest soul potential, which is to ignite the original true Light in ones' being.
- Help others recognize and overcome the limitations of their soul, heart, mind, and body, and assist and uplift them to their original soul potential.
-I am honored to share and teach all the ancient and new wisdom and practical techniques, I've learned through decades of my spiritual studies, practices, and being influenced, taught and empowered by quite a few Spiritual Masters and Teachers. They all help me become what I am today, a Spiritual Teacher and Practitioner myself.
I will not mention the names of each one, but they all have a special place in my heart, and I carry a certain message, and power of each.
All the teachers they come at the right time in our lives and on our Journeys. They all assist us polish, bring out, and forth, our original true Light; when we become ready to be a vehicle, and channel of the Ultimate Creator's Light, ever present within us, ourselves.
During this time I have learned numerous ways how to empower others to heal, transform, an accelerate, and help them to enlighten their lives further and more.
I would feel honored and privileged to assist anyone who desires to bring out, and more fully their own original true Light, and the potential powers of their being.
You can contact with me for a 15 minutes complimentary consultation session to learn the best way that I may assist you.
~ in Love & Light, Tat Jane

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