My name is Tat Jane, I am a Certified Soul Song, Movement, and Dance Practitioner.
I live in New York City for many years.
New York City's energy, passion, and multi-cultural environment opened my heart to the fullest and inspired me in every way.
My journey started as being a singer/songwriter.
Over the years of being an artist, I have realized my higher-self calling and potential, the desire to ignite the original light in others.
Assist them in recognizing and overcoming the limitations of their current state and lead them to their higher-self potential.

I am honored to teach all I've learned about life, including the ancient and new soul wisdom and practical techniques that lead to being our best version.
I acquired this knowledge through decades of spiritual studies, practices, and being empowered by teachers, and Spiritual Masters. They all helped me become content in what I am today, the Spiritual teacher and practitioner myself.

The wisdom is that we are all teachers, and life is the best teacher. We're also all responsible for our lives and others.
An appropriate teacher comes at the right time in our life. They assist us in polishing, bringing out, and forth our original Light.

Along the way I have learned numerous ways how to empower others to heal, transform, and reach out to their potential powers.
I feel privileged to assist as many people to bring out their Light, and purpose at this significant time.
Please contact me for a 15 minutes complimentary consultation session to learn the ways I can assist your journey.
in Love and Light, Tat Jane of Soul Light Universal

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