If anyone was to tell me what my life would look like at this age, I would have run away screaming. Well maybe laughing. OK, possibly in stunned silence. Has anyone run away in stunned silence before? I wonder what that would look like. But I digress.

So who am I? I am a middle aged white guy who isn't balding. Wait . . . that describes half the white guy population? Hmmm. . . . In truth I am a single parent. This takes up a lot of who I am and it has to do with a lot of the decisions that I make. My daughter is my inspiration and motivation every day. I believe in a higher power. Not in the AA nebulous higher power, but in one that has a specific relationship with people. Despite that belief, I do not make my blogs about that. If anyone should ask I would love to talk about it.

When it comes to being a person, I believe actions speak volumes and words can barely be heard. So when it comes to loving, it means that I love you by how I treat you, and not the words coming out of my mouth. In that vein I hope to be a person of my word.

Finally I love life. So this means my profile will be stories about my adventures, tales from my daughter, recipes I've tried out, movies that I love, places that are amazing, food that's great, or beauty wherever I see it. I hope that this goes for my blog as well as my social media accounts. I think life is a grand adventure made for excitement and thrills and I want to live those out every day, not be stuck behind a computer (even though I do love writing).

So from here on out my promise to you is that I will be fully me. I want you to be fully you. And let's engage in a discussion about life., and what it means to live it. What does a life worth living mean to you? Hope to hear from you soon.