Jakarta Indonesia

I'm a MINANGKABAU - Urang Awak - native of WEST SUMATERA, Indonesia ... as I know, because I was born there and almost all of my days I spent there. When I was a kid, I used to moved from one to another place and I really loved it coz I knew so many places in West Sumatera, learn so many things about traditional Minangkabau custom and culture, and the best part is that I have so many friends although I just can't remember all of them, hahahaha... ups sorry!

Now, here I am, stuck in this big crowded city of Jakarta to chase my childhood dream... to be someone! To be me! Nowadays, It's never easy, the good and bad time are always be a good friend of mine, face this live with smile on my face. I did the best I can to make things easier, share the happiness to my friends and families, think positive all the times to make sure that the good things comes to those who wait and fight for it.

Today I'm in love with Photography things and think that this could be a good chance to fulfill one of my hobby .... to be a naturalistic painting artist. So even though I am not good in drawing ... I can capture all moments with my camera.

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