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Hi! Welcome and thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Tonia Brow, and I have been a vegetarian and finally vegan for about 12 years. My journey to veganism started as a child but was derailed for almost 35 years before I fully embraced a compassionate lifestyle. I never enjoyed eating meat but finally succumbed to the pressure that is inevitable if you are a child that is a people-pleaser and does what she is told. After years of eating anything that was put in front of me, I slowly became aware of the hidden evils like animal testing, genetically modified foods, processed food-like products, and factory-farming. As I learned, researched, read, and watched videos that made me cry, my path became clear! First I stopped supporting companies that tested their products on animals, then I gave up "white food" and processed foods, then no more meat, and finally no egg or dairy and no wearing leather or supporting anything that exploits animals. My life was changed forever! My husband Steve and I followed this path together, which has been such a bonding experience. Our dog Violet has been a plant-based dog since we adopted her in 2013! I'm excited about this blog because I want to help anyone who is trying to make compassionate choices in their lives. Cheers!

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