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Trish Samples Kinsler, Prosper Your Name Blog shares insights related to the three "W's" wisdom, wellness and wealth. Also increase understanding about the value of business/personal name branding.

Prosper Your Name Dot Com mission is to promote referral partner incentive marketing solutions, insights for freelance digital marketers , professionals, small business owners and work from location entrepreneurs. Together we generate transactions, monetize.

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About Patricia Samples Kinsler
August 2010, after working 25 years as a mental health clinician Trish Kinsler retired to launch her “ 2nd Act ” and became a freelance digital marketer and graphic arts designer. Now she works from her home office and design studio .
Cheerfully she leverages time for her family life, enjoys companionship with husband Bobby and seeks travel extensively. Trish states “ I AM a Happy Empath, an intuitive person,” with a mission to share insights about outstanding referral partner programs with strong promotion and incentives.
Trish has researched content that introduces the value of personal name branding and business brand incentive marketing :
Bring Value To Others and; Monetize
Trish is seeking her 70's, 80's, 90's her
Maybe we were classmates or worked together in civil service for the City of New York ,
my maiden name is
Patricia Hansome-Samples
Schools I attended Graduate Degree : MS, Columbia University School of Social Work
Undergraduate Degree: BA, The City College of New York, CCNY
Secondary Diploma: Francis Lewis High School, Fresh Meadows NY

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