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This is UFO NEWS, Ufology Researcher - blog writer and video presenter. UFO News is based in the UK but has been studying various other countries and their histories. My purpose and aim is to provide you with a brand new way of experiencing reported and unreported "witnessed and recorded" UFO sighting's and to give you a whole new interpretation of the real truth! I want to write this website in my own words from a personal perspective instead of a list like interpretation by a corporation.

I'm going to focus primarily on UFOs, ancient Aliens and out of place artefacts (OOPArts) the stuff that shouldn't be there at all, but it is! When people around the world send in their UFO phenomena videos or images to me, I will upload that to our Facebook pages and groups.

I've been researching Ufology, ancient Aliens and strange objects appearing in even stranger surrounding's, for a long time now. I've had an interest in alternative news since I can all remember and from that I've got a ton of questions. The thing is, I know I'm not alone...

I'm gonna bring you the best UFO videos and epic ancient anomalies, you've ever seen. I just want to get to the bottom of all these questions I've got buzzing around my head and if your here, then so have you?

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