Ba Film

Favorite Book - The Kite of Stars and other Stories by Dean Francis Alfar- I remember during high school, I read this book and really loved it especially the short story titled The kite of stars (L'Aquilone du Estrellas).

Favorite Film - Jeux d'enfants, directed by Yann Samuell. I love the use of colorful and bright colors and also how the treatment is very childlike.

Favorite Media Practitioner of all time - Wes Anderson.He has a very specific aesthetic that when you see one of his films you immediately know that it is him. I really love the cinematography and colors of his films.

Your favorite song/ music/ band/ songwriter of all time - I love Florence and the Machine. One of my favorite songs from them is Sky full of Song.

Favorite Internet Site - Patatap.com - this website is an online sound kit that makes different sound with a corresponding visual animation.

Favorite Meal - Kare-kare - ever since childhood this has been my favorite meal.