Unal Patel

Atlanta, GA

"Unal Patel is a software engineer in San Jose, California. Unal has continued to pursue his passions outside of work, in addition to having a successful career in software development. He is a dedicated philanthropist who believes in, for example, giving back to the community. He also enjoys listening to music and spending time with those who share his interest in composition. Learn more about this modern renaissance guy in the areas below.

Responsibilities and Role Unal Patel currently works at Cisco Systems, Inc., a multinational technology firm based in San Jose, California, as a senior software engineer. Unal is based in San Jose, despite the fact that he works from home. He enjoys his work as a software developer and other high-tech services professional in Silicon Valley.

Unal Patel, a Cisco rising star with more than a decade of experience, has been promoted and given new tasks on a regular basis. Unal has won multiple awards for Customer Service Excellence and Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations, as well as invitations to speak as a subject matter expert at client-facing events.

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Experiential Education
Before joining Cisco, Unal Patel co-founded, built, and sold a small firm focused on generating apps for charitable organizations with three friends. Nonprofits can collect comments and money from their subscribers with NextApp Nonpro's platform.

Unal Patel worked as an intern for a digital marketing agency before founding NextApp Nonpro. He was chosen from over 100 applicants and was in charge of website programming, which required him to know Java, C++, C, Sharepoint, and HTML. In this paid position, I worked an average of 20 to 25 hours per week while maintaining a 3.7 GPA.

Unal Patel is pleased with his contributions to the company's new web and intranet pages. When it came to optimizing web designs for high SERP results, he realized the importance of SEO.

The History of Higher Education
Unal Patel had a great time at Georgia Tech, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science in 2009. He played intramural soccer and lacrosse at the university and joined a number of clubs focused on his interests, including computing, math, physics, and environmental sustainability.

Unal Patel is now working on a master's degree in business administration. Unal plans to establish a new nonprofit organization in the future. By earning his MBA, he will be one step closer to attaining his dream.

Experience and Professional Skills
Unal Patel is a valuable asset in his current role because he possesses both hard and soft skills. Among other computer languages and frameworks, he is familiar with VB.Net, ASP.Net, C#, C++, Python, Visual Basic, VBA, Java, SharePoint, MySQL, HTML, PHP, and Ant. Many of these programs were taught outside of the classroom, either to increase his skill set or to assist him in better performing his job.

Unal Patel also has experience with MS Access, SQL Server, and Oracle databases. Unal is an expert in Rational Rose, UML, and Oracle WebLogic Server, among other design tools. He is also conversant with the operating systems Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS.

Unal Patel is a firm believer in giving back to society. He has volunteered with local philanthropies such as the Boys and Girls Club of America for several years. Unal appreciates working with kids and acting as a role model for future generations. During his undergraduate years, he also worked as a camp counselor and a teen mentor.

Awards and Achievements
Unal Patel is an Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP) who has received numerous service awards for his work and dedication to his customers.

He is capable of designing scalable Java applications as a Certified Specialist in Java Programming. He uses Test Driven Development to overcome architectural issues and create reliable software.

Hobbies and personal interests
Unal Patel enjoys playing cricket with his pals when he is not programming or planning his next project. Unal is a vivacious, outgoing individual who enjoys meeting new people through his numerous interests. While spending time with his family, he supports his favorite soccer and football clubs.

Unal Patel keeps up with the latest industry news by reading a number of blogs and websites aimed at software workers. He's volunteered to design and manage a website for a local outreach program, for example. He can strengthen his abilities while also helping to a large charity organization in this role.

Unal Patel appreciates seeing live music when he has the chance. Rap and jazz are two of his favorite musical genres. Unal studied piano and guitar in high school and college, and he still performs regularly with other artists."