San Francisco

Uneek Radio is a new perspective from San Francisco native ‘DJ Kween Uneek’ on music, lifestyle, and urban issues concerning the Bay Area and beyond. DJ Kween Uneek has been DJing since the early 2000’s and was an integral part of the Bay Area underground hip hop and LGBT community, as a club promoter and DJ.

Every week she will play an eclectic mix of music from a variety of genres with an emphasis on supporting up and coming artist, as well as engage and entertain the masses with her ‘Uneek” views and insights, taking live calls from listeners . From sports and and urban issues to music and entertainment, along with a rotating array of guest and co-host one of them being Lawrence Petty, formally known as “DJ Foxee Brown” will put his spin on the issues concerning the world around us along with his musical skills. You may remember Foxee Brown from his days as a popular DJ/Radio personality on KMEL, hosting “Yo Momma’s House” in the mid 90’s. Lawrence Petty is known for his quick wit, brash personality and as a man not known for holding his tongue.

Uneek Radio wants listeners to experience a feeling of “family” and “community” every week. Get ready for a Uneek experience through a variety of music and no holds barred discussions and debates. Nothing is off limits with DJ Kween Uneek. Catch her live every Tuesday from 10pm-12am on FCCFREERADIO.COM