Mustafa Samiullah

New York

First things first-I am an INFJ- (very accurate as it relates to me).

1. My younger brother and I are best friends-he is the only person in my life that I truly "need"
2. I am a huge wrestling fan
3. I'm very politically incorrect (think Archie Bunker-except black and educated)
4. I enjoy sleeping
5. I look and feel much younger than I am.
6.I'm more politically conservative than anyone I know.
7. I enjoy wearing clothes (usually shirts) that get people's attention
8. I also don't mind dressing up (as much as I may protest it).
10. I hate the Yankees
11. You can search for me on Google
12. I'm tougher than most people would think.
13. I never want to leave New York
14. I dislike seafood.
15. I never worry that I'm going to end up alone-my career comes first.
16. I have a very good sense of humor
17. I also have a dry sense of humor
18. I am a walking contradiction
19. I don't drink
20. I don't smoke
21. I'm probably the most decent person that I know-I'm not a saint, but when you strip away all of the specifics, at my core I am a good person.
22. I think it is safer to be serious when meeting new people, but I honestly prefer to be silly and goofy-because I am.
23. #22 notwithstanding, I enjoy intelligent conversations as well, because I am...intelligent that is.
24. I get along really well with females.

Fictional characters whose personality I'm closest to include CM Punk, Steve Austin, Lennie Briscoe, Steve Urkel, Archie Bunker, Pacey Witter, Dylan McKay, Brandon Walsh (yes Brandon and Dylan-and I'm obviously not talking about looks), Randy Orton, and Eddie Kingston.

Besides that-if you want adjectives to describe me, I will give you some that people have used about me: smart, high-maintenance, sarcastic, funny, good-hearted, and more than one person has said that they have never met anyone like me.

I don't try to be different, I just embrace the fact that I am.

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