1. The author - with the last word taking the abstract definition of Roland Barthes (1967) - of this site is a student bounded by the intellectual enterprise of Communication Research.
2. Berger and Luckmann's "The Social Construction Of Reality" has to be the author's favorite piece of literature inasmuch as the former transformed how the latter perceives and makes meaning out of the conceptualized intersubjective reality. The tenets contained-witted therein have become daily mantras.
3. Highlighting post structuralism and post modernism, Kwan and Scheinert's "Swiss Army Man" (2016) is a personal favorite. The film questions negative, socially constructed notions regarding contemporary phenomena such as the proliferation of divine thought, porn viewership, masturbation, and the like -- these are in-line with the academic and practical outlooks-perspectives of the author.
4. Erwin Tulfo has to be the author's favorite media practitioner for the shallow reason that the former manifests a character, and broadcasts programs that provide a glimpse of the "traditional" Filipino culture - vigilante-like, FPJ-esque, masculine justice (Rodriguez, 2013).
5. Glass Animals's "Black Mambo" is the author's personal soundtrack as it underscores man's innate, primitive tendencies despite living in what he argues is "civilized society".
6. Whiting and Williams (2013) have implied that accessibility and usefulness are some of the key elements that may make a website favored. These characteristics are embodied by Google Scholar, a site that allows the author to comfortably explore different academic enterprises through research journals and similar literature. Hence, it is a favorite site.
7. One can never go wrong with a sunny-side up egg and rice with garlic.
8. Aside from reading abstract and operational literature, the author likes playing the piano.