The Untamed Domestic Goddess

Salado, TX

Back in 2014 I began playing around with the concept of writing a blog. I know there are a zillion food blogs out there, but this was something I did for myself. It started out fairly lame visually, but I had fun with it.

Just as I was getting it all sorted out and it was becoming popular, I began a job at a culinary boutique and part of my responsibilities were to write recipes. Sadly, I thought that my fun little blog might be a conflict of interest so I opted to stop writing, which was a bit depressing because I had a fairly large following. I'm hoping to build that up again.

Since December 2017 I’ve toyed with throwing all caution to the winds and starting up my work again because my constraints aren’t so stringent. The Adventures of an Untamed Domestic Goddess is back in business, and I’ve even begun to expand to a Facebook page, with Instagram and Twitter included. We’ll see how it all falls into place.
Currently I’m restructuring the original blog site and will be cleaning up and reposting some amazing recipes, crafts, and bits from my crazy life. Come on in, grab a seat, and let’s have a laugh!

Welcome to the new, fun, and crazy Adventures of an Untamed Domestic Goddess!