I love myself, probably you if I have told you about this blog, strong and strange (esp self-actualising) females cos they are my role models (am largely heterosexual, it's just that i'm sort of sexist towards my own kind), psychology (esp positive psych), self-empowerment, Money, the idea of self-employment, B&J's (almost any flavour)& Haagen Dazs strawberry, interesting/highly hilarious/deeply personal conversations with the coolest friends, cool journalists & businessmen (Dee Hock!), natural scenery, light sports, being at peace with myself & the world, refreshing and quirky fashion styles, giving advice, appreciating intelligence, anything or anyone genuine & honest, the satisfaction of solving a Math problem, pixar & studio ghibli movies, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, NYGH, selflessness, deepfriedtofu, interesting places & people, cheese, inspiration, darkness&despair, studying, boosting my ego and sometimes others', coolness, diversity, weirdness, quirkiness, egalitarianism, music, lyrics, books, films, humour, strangers' blogs, Lie To Me, Curb Your Enthusiasm and pop culture. This is my space where i sometimes seek self-actualisation and sometimes live and write normally.