Hello! I'm an artist based in rural Wales in the UK, with a love of most things vintage, and my blog is to show the vintage photos and cards I've been collecting for several decades. But I show them rather differently from other collectors, because I colour them too. So I show the 'before' and 'after' versions. I also do a fair amount of research on the originals and often include what I've found out, and - if I've been able to find a location (such as the studio or setting), then usually I will post a Google Streetview, too. I mostly do this colouring as an interest (aka an addiction as I've not been able to stop since I began in the early 2000's) but occasionally I get paid for it when someone wants me to colour a family photo of theirs.

You're welcome to follow my blog if you're interested in my content., but I don't automatically follow people back (There are only so many hours in the day!) I also love to receive comments on my posts - as long as they're pleasant and on topic.

I'm a bit 'wavery' about the Like button and sometimes you won't see it in my blog.